Thursday, December 06, 2007


Can you read this? This?

I had a hard time finding a 5 inch floppy disk for a gag gift last week. And I sure don't have a computer can read it? Of course the pocketmod will be legible for quite a bit longer. Now will anyone want to read it in ten years? Fifty? Nine hundred? Well, no. But there's a good chance somebody could were they to stumble across it.


Blogger Sjors said...

Wow, a real Floppy disk. I haven't seen that for years. Have you ever seen TRON? I remember there is a guy walking with a huge floppy under his arm (12 -15"?). Can you imagine the USB flash memories I use on my work. It replaced about 2000 of your floppy's. And I need at least 4 of your floppies for every photo I take, ha ha.

It also reminds me to New Order's "Blue Monday". I have at least 2 copies (I was a proffesional DJ once).



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